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Enjoy Your Summer, Free Of Ticks!

Summer brings with it months of warm weather, sunshine, and backyard fun with your family and pets. Unfortunately, it also means disease-carrying pests like ticks run rampant. At Mother Nature’s, we help homeowners in Oklahoma gain peace of mind by creating a protective barrier on their property that keeps ticks away. With our tick control services, we can significantly reduce the tick population in your yard, allowing you to relax and enjoy your time outdoors—without the threat of tick-borne illnesses!

Tick Control

Daughter on mothers back in the backyard.

Since 1979, Mother Nature’s Pest & Lawn has been protecting our neighbors in Tulsa and Oklahoma City from the threat of ticks. Our tick treatments work to get rid of existing ticks and create a preventative barrier around your property, so you can stay tick-free all summer long. When you call us for tick control in Oklahoma, you’ll get:

  • Superb customer service from the time you call our office until we visit and treat your home
  • Our satisfaction guarantee—meaning if you’re not completely happy with our treatments, we’ll come back to inspect your property and re-treat if needed.
  • The benefit of almost four decades worth of experience in the pest industry.
  • A friendly, highly-trained member of our team that is fully dedicated to providing you with solutions
  • High-quality treatments that work to eliminate ticks and allow you to enjoy your backyard all summer long!

When you want to feel free to explore your backyard without worry, turn to our trusted team for tick control in Oklahoma! We service Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Bixby, Owasso, and more. For an additional trip charge, we’ll travel anywhere in Oklahoma!

Protect Your Family & Pets From Ticks

Ticks are not only a threat to you, but also to your pets. Because they attach firmly to hosts and feed very slowly, ticks are the most efficient carriers of disease, including:

  • Lyme Disease
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
  • Ehrlichiosis
  • Babesiosis
  • Anaplasmosis
  • And more!

While these diseases can negatively affect anyone, elderly people, people with weakened immune systems, dogs, horses, and livestock can be especially impacted. In many cases, ticks that latch onto a host can go unnoticed as they feed for several days. When found, they can be difficult to fully remove from the skin.

While wearing full coverage clothing outdoors can help keep ticks off of you and your family, it’s likely not a comfortable option in the heat of summer when tick activity is highest. For simple protection from ticks, give Mother Nature’s a call. Our tick control treatments create a barrier for your yard, so you can roam freely without worry.

Providing Pest Protection Since 1979

At Mother Nature’s, we treat our customers like more than just an account number. As a family-owned company, we’ve built our business on family values and use that foundation to guide our everyday operations. We care about making our customers happy while providing them with effective solutions for their pest problems. Our dedication to our customers is what has allowed us to grow to become Oklahoma’s largest pest control company. Want to know what keeps people coming back to us for all their pest control needs? Experience it yourself! Give us a call for tick control services today and get peace of mind and superb customer service.

Ready to keep your family and pets protected from ticks?

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