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Premiere 1

pest control
Pest Control

With our basic package, Premiere 1, you'll get quarterly treatments guaranteed to keep more than 20 common household pests out of your home all year long!

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Premiere 2

pest control plus termite
Pest Control + Termite

Our most popular program, Premiere 2 has what you need to keep your biggest investment protected with quarterly pest treatments and termite monitoring. 

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Premiere 3

Pest Control plus Termite plus Mosquito
Pest Control + Termite + Mosquito

Get comprehensive protection with Premiere 3. Say goodbye to indoor pests, protect your home from termites, and enjoy your backyard free of mosquitoes, fleas, & ticks! 

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Pest Control in Tulsa

Rich in history and culture, Tulsa is a wonderful place to live. Unfortunately, pests think so too! Our enjoyable climate and wet spring weather make Tulsa ideal for pests like mosquitoes, termites, wildlife, and more to thrive. Luckily, your friends at Mother Nature’s have decades of experience keeping homes like yours free of pests. We offer the following services in Tulsa:

Exceptional Service From Local Experts

When you have pests in your home, you shouldn’t trust just anyone to get rid of them. When you need pest control in Tulsa, you need the best in the business. Here at Mother Nature’s, we’ve been providing exceptional customer service and effective pest treatments since 1979. We treat each and every customer like they are part of the family, and that mentality is what keeps our customers coming back to us. Our loyal customers have helped us grow to be the largest locally owned pest control company in Oklahoma - and that’s a big deal! When you choose Mother Nature’s, you can rest assured knowing you’re partnering with the best pest control company in Tulsa. Still not convinced? We back each of our recurring pest services with a 100% guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose! Call us today to see what makes Mother Nature’s different.

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The Best Termite Treatments in Tulsa

Termites will eat you out of house and home - literally. Termites are highly destructive wood destroying insects that affect 1 in 5 homes in high activity areas each year. If left untreated, termites can cause thousands of dollars of damage and repair bills. Don’t let yourself become a statistic! Whether you already have termites or you want to prevent your house from future infestation, Mother Nature’s has the solution for you. We use highly effective termite treatments in Tulsa to ensure homes like yours are safe from termites. Trust Mother Nature's for the best termite control in Tulsa! 

State of the Art Termite Technology for Effective Results

Our local team of termite exterminators in Tulsa is a cut above the rest when it comes to protecting your home from these destructive pests. We combine our years of expertise and knowledge with the most effective termite baiting system in the industry, the Sentricon System. Because we believe in the power of the Sentricon System, Mother Nature’s is the largest Sentricon provider in the state of Oklahoma. When you choose us to protect your home from termites, you can expect the following from our treatment process:

  • A detailed 7-point inspection performed by one of our highly trained termite exterminators
  • Installation of the effective, eco-friendly Sentricon system
  • Bi-annual monitoring to ensure termites are nowhere to be found
  • A termite-free home

When it comes to your biggest investment, don’t risk subpar termite control in Tulsa. Trust the experts with years of experience and proven treatment methods to get the results you need to feel safe and comfortable in your home.

Save $100 Off Termite Control Today

Mosquito Control in Tulsa

Here in Tulsa, we have a relatively mild climate with wet spring weather and warm summers. We love it, but mosquitoes do too! Mosquitoes can survive in many types of weather but truly thrive in hot and humid environments. They tend to lay eggs in water sources like ponds, creeks, lakes, and even stagnant puddles of water. Mosquitoes are annoying pests with itchy bites, but more dangerously, carriers of potentially harmful diseases. Certain species of mosquitoes carry a variety of diseases that are transmittable to humans, some even deadly. To add a level of protection against these diseases, you need proper mosquito control in Tulsa for your lawn in the warm season of the year. Our team will treat your yard on a monthly basis in attempts to reduce your local mosquito population and offer a hedge of protection for you and your family.

We’ll Treat for Fleas and Ticks, Too!

Fleas and ticks are blood-sucking insects that feed on humans, dogs, cats, and other animals. While most people assume fleas are only harmful for animals, that’s not the case.  Adult fleas are not only a pain to pets, but they can cause medical problems by the constant scratching of the bite site and the allergens they create. Mother Nature’s offers flea control in Tulsa to ensure your four-legged family members are just as comfortable in your home as you are.

Ticks are also just as dangerous to humans as fleas are. The most common ticks in Tulsa are the Deer tick (carrier of Lyme disease) and the dog tick, which is a carrier of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Ticks are most commonly found in trees and bushy areas and will latch on to humans and animals as a food source. To keep your family and pets safe, we offer professional tick control in Tulsa.

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Bed Bug Treatment in Tulsa

Bed bugs are on the rise across the United States due to increased domestic and international travel. These nuisance pests spread very quickly and are easy to bring home from other infested areas. If you suspect you have bed bugs, it is important that you don’t wait to get professional help from your local and trusted pest control company. Our bed bug treatments in Tulsa include both chemical and cold treatments that are targeted to effectively remove bed bugs from your home so you can sleep soundly. Don't wait to get the relief you need. Contact us to learn more about our professional bed bug control in Tulsa! 

Save Money With Our Bed Bug Special Offer

We care about your family’s comfort. When bed bugs interrupt your daily life, it can be difficult to feel relaxed and comfortable in your own home. Mother Nature’s wants to do whatever we can to alleviate the stress the bed bug infestations bring. That’s why we happily offer $50 off of your Tulsa bed bug treatment when you call our team for help. We’ll get rid of bed bugs in your home so you can experience the peace of mind that you deserve.

Save $50 Off Bed Bug Today

Wildlife Animal Control in Tulsa

If you're hearing scratching or squeaking noises, finding droppings, or seeing chewed areas of your house or belongings, you may have a wildlife problem in your home. Wild animals like raccoons, skunks, squirrels, and birds can wreak havoc on your home, putting your family and pets in danger. Of all pest problems, wildlife infestations are the last ones you want to try to take care of on your own. Many nuisance critters are common carriers of rabies, all are potential carriers of fleas, ticks, and parasites, and some larger animals can physically harm you or your pets. At Mother Nature's, we provide safe and effective animal control in Tulsa, so you can evict critters from your home without the threat of bodily harm. Our on-staff expert is a licensed trapper and is experienced and knowledgeable in providing solutions that are best for both people and animals alike. In most cases, we send them back to the woods!

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Rodent Control in Tulsa

Rodents are sneaky and elusive pests that slip into your home unnoticed, making them difficult to detect. The longer rodent infestations go unnoticed, the more difficult it can be to get rid of them. If you suspect rodents in your home, you need help - fast! Mother Nature's offers the best rodent control in Tulsa, guaranteed to keep your home safe from rats and mice. Our highly-trained team of rodent exterminators inspects your home for signs of rats and mice, detecting nesting areas and points of entry. Once we've determined the extent of your infestation, we'll recommend our professional rodent treatment plan to get rid of each and every rodent currently living in your home. Once we've eliminated your infestation, we'll educate you on the best ways to prevent rodents from getting back inside in the future. Our rodent control in Tulsa protects you from rodents like:

  • House mice
  • Norway rats
  • Roof rats
  • and more!

You don't have to let rodents take over. Kick them to the curb with Mother Nature's Pest & Lawn!

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Your One-Stop Shop For Pest Control In Tulsa

As a locally-owned and operated pest control company in Tulsa, our customers mean the world to us! You’re more than just an account number. That’s why our mission is to make your relationship with us as hassle-free as possible - because we care! When you partner with us, we’ll take care of all of your pest control and lawn care needs! If you need pest control, give us a call. Looking for lawn care? We can help with that too! Give us a call today to see what Mother Nature’s can do for you. We know the secret!

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