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Save $30 on the Best Pest Control in Norman

Keeping your home and your family safe from pests and save money doing it! For a limited time, get $30 off your first pest control service in Norman, Oklahoma!

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We've been providing quality service to our neighbors for almost 40 years!

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We know the secret to happy customers! We’ll treat you as if you were a part of our own family.

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If you find pests in your home after our service, we’ll return to retreat your home, absolutely free.

Pest Plans For Any Budget

Premiere 1

pest control
Pest Control

With our basic package, Premiere 1, you'll get quarterly treatments guaranteed to keep more than 20 common household pests out of your home all year long!

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Premiere 2

pest control plus termite
Pest Control + Termite

Our most popular program, Premiere 2 has what you need to keep your biggest investment protected with quarterly pest treatments and termite monitoring. 

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Premiere 3

Pest Control plus Termite plus Mosquito
Pest Control + Termite + Mosquito

Get comprehensive protection with Premiere 3. Say goodbye to indoor pests, protect your home from termites, and enjoy your backyard free of mosquitoes, fleas, & ticks! 

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Pest Control in Norman

Norman’s lovely climate can attract not only people but also pests! We know that it’s hard not to worry when you have pests threatening your family and home. Pests can become a hassle to deal with if you don’t have the expertise or knowledge on how to efficiently remove them. That’s why our Norman pest control experts in Norman are here! When we treat your home, we’ll keep you in the loop and give advice on how to further prevent a future infestation. No matter the pest, we can remove it. We specialize in providing unique treatment plans just for you! Some of the pests our Norman exterminators target are:

  • Roaches
  • Spiders
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Beetles
  • Bees
  • Wasps
  • And more!

If you’re struggling from an infestation of any of the pests listed above, let us know! Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered. Take the first step to a safer home, contact us for the most effective pest control in Norman. We’ll even offer you $30 off your first service!

Safe and Effective Pest Control

Here at Mother Nature’s Pest & Lawn, we understand the urgency of removing threats from your house. When it comes to protecting your home, we make it our top priority. Pests can bring in disease and destruction to your home - all things that we can help with! At Mother Nature’s, our highly trained Norman exterminators will provide you with the most thorough and effective pest control in Norman. You won’t have to worry about putting up any more baits and traps. With our help, you can be pest and stress-free in no time! How does it all work? Here are a few things our Norman pest control technicians will do for you:

  • Provide a free, 21-point pest inspection to identify what your home needs.
  • Create a customized treatment plan to efficiently remove the pests.
  • Provide quarterly check-ups to ensure the pests stay out!
  • Keep you informed throughout the entire process!

Save $30 On Your First Pest Control Treatment

Termite Control in Norman

Worried that you're up against a termite colony living in your Norman home? We understand how unsettling that can be, and how quick homeowners need to act to handle a termite infestation! Termites bring along with them the threat of infrastructural damage and costly repairs for your home. Here at Mother Nature’s, we want to help protect your family and property from this kind of destruction. With the help of our termite control in Norman, you will receive state-of-the-art technology from our termite exterminators, leaving your home safe from termites – for the long haul.

Effective Long-Term Protection

When it comes down to the protection of your home, we want to provide you with the most effective solution that will leave your home better protected. This is why our termite control in Norman utilizes the Sentricon System. This technology not only eliminates colonies, but it also works to prevent future infestations from occurring. Here’s what else our Norman termite control offers:

  • A 7-point inspection of your house to determine the severity of the infestation. Different types of termites and different levels of infestation may require a different treatment plan.
  • Installation of the eco-friendly Sentricon System. This termite treatment exterminates the entire colony, including the queen.
  • Bi-annual visits to ensure that your property stays free of termites. Early detection is key to preventing future infestations. We check up on your property to ensure everything is working as it should.

If you suspect a termite infestation has taken hold of your Norman home, get in touch with our termite exterminators in Norman today! With 40 years of experience in the industry, we’re confident that Mother Nature’s can provide you and your family with the most successful solutions for your home.

Save $100 On Your Termite Treatment

Bed Bug Treatment in Norman

Bed bugs are every homeowner’s nightmare. They invade your home, including the place you sleep, and leave you with small, itchy bitches. Not to mention they’re incredibly difficult to remove from your home once they’re inside, which can make you feel like they will never leave. Here at Mother Nature’s, however, we have over 40 years of experience that have let us perfect our process for bed bug treatment in Norman, bringing relief to our neighbors. We will make short work of your infestation, giving you your home back.

Advanced Methods, Proven Results

Our Norman bed bug exterminators are highly trained, so not even the smallest bed bug egg goes unnoticed by them. When you trust us at Mother Nature’s, you can expect:

  • A thorough inspection of your home to determine if bed bugs are present, as well as the extent of your infestation.
  • Treatment that is customized to your unique pest problem and home, specialized to be as effective as possible.
  • The best bed bug exterminators in Norman that happily address your questions and concerns.
  • A bed bug-free home that you can feel comfortable relaxing in.

When you choose us for your Norman bed bug control, you can rest assured you’re in good hands. We’ll treat your home as if it was our own, giving you the highest caliber of service possible.

Save $50 on bed bug services today!

Mosquito, Flea, & Tick Control in Norman

Mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks are pests that love the warm weather even more than we do. During spring and summer, they make it difficult to spend time outside without getting covered in bites that are not only irritating, but can also be dangerous to your health. With our mosquito, flea, and tick control in Norman, you can take back your yard, letting you and your loved ones safely enjoy the beautiful weather. No more swatting mosquitoes, pulling off ticks, or checking your pets for fleas! Our Norman mosquito, flea, and tick control program includes:

  • A prompt inspection from one of our friendly, certified technicians.
  • Customized treatment plans that meet the needs of your property.
  • Effective treatment that will let you enjoy your yard.
  • Recurring monthly treatments that prevent new pests from invading.

Get a free estimate today!

Effective Protection from Dangerous Mosquitoes

When the weather is warm, you can expect mosquitoes to be out in full force. Every time you walk outside, they sneakily leave you with red, itchy bites. Not only are they annoying, mosquitoes also transmit dangerous diseases including Zika virus, malaria, yellow fever, and many more. Our mosquito treatment in Norman will have you seeing a dramatic reduction in your mosquito population, plus continued protection. A mosquito-free yard is just a phone call away!

Fleas & Ticks Don’t Stand a Chance

Mosquitoes are just one of the nasty pests that lurk in your backyard—there are fleas and ticks too. Due to their small size, they can easily attach themselves to you and your pets without anyone noticing. They can cause both you and your furry friends to get sick with diseases such as:

  • Lyme disease
  • Tapeworms
  • Cat scratch diseases
  • Typhus

With our flea and tick control in Norman, you don’t have to worry about your loved ones getting sick. One of our friendly, knowledgeable exterminators will not only kick fleas and ticks out of your yard, but they’ll also listen to any questions or concerns you have about the process. When you go with Mother Nature’s, you can feel confident that you chose the best flea and tick control in Norman!

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Rodent Control in Norman

Rodents are the last thing you want in your home. They get into your food and contaminate it, keep you up by scratching in the walls, and make your home feel gross. Not to mention they also put you and your loved ones at risk for diseases including hantavirus, leptospirosis, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis. When you trust Mother Nature’s for your rodent control in Norman, you won’t have to worry about any of this! We’ll quickly and efficiently make your home rodent-free, just like it should be.

Signs Rodents Have Invaded

When rodents are in your home, you want to know about it. The sooner you discover the presence of rodents, the sooner we can make your home rodent-free. To catch an infestation early, keep an eye out for:

  • Scratching noises: When rodents get into your walls, you can hear their movements as they search for food and nesting materials.
  • Nests: Rodents like rats and mice make nests out of cardboard, insulation, and other soft materials.
  • Droppings: The most obvious indicator is droppings, although they are small enough to miss at first glance.
  • Urine odors: Rats and mice urinate in their paths of travel, creating a detectable scent of urine. Dogs and cats may also sniff areas where rodents are hiding.

If you see any of these signs in your home, it’s time to call Mother Nature’s! Our rodent control in Norman will both eliminate the rodents in your home and prevent them from returning. We have been making homes rodent-free since 1979, so you can feel confident that your home is in capable hands.

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Your Best Service Yet

With 40 years of experience with pest control in Norman, we guarantee your satisfaction! Not only have we had decades of experience, but we’re also the largest pest control company in Oklahoma. Our friendly and knowledgeable team of exterminators in Norman continually provide amazing service for our amazing neighbors. Choose Mother Nature’s Pest and Lawn for pest control in Norman and we’ll make sure you won’t regret it!

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Completely solved our ant problem. Instead of just putting a band-aid on the problem, they knocked them out long term.

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